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Welcome to Foundation Home Loans. We are a specialist buy to let and residential mortgage lender, providing flexible solutions for your more complex cases.

Please note our telephone lines close at 12pm today for Staff Training, and will re-open at 9am Wednesday 20th October.

Get more for your extra-ordinary residential clients

100% of more types of income considered.

Specialist residential, sorted.

Current service levels

Updated 18.10.2021




Time to answer:


2 minutes 


Average time to answer broker desk calls.

DIP referral:


Buy to let - 1 day

Residential - 1 day


Decision in principle referral time.

Application review:


Buy to let - 3 days

Residential - 3 days


Maximum time to review a full mortgage application.

Underwriter review:  


Buy to let - 4 days

Residential - 4 days


Maximum time for underwriter to review once all requirements (including valuation) are met. 

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