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Flexibility for your portfolio landlord clients - our team of experts means we don't need business plans or asset and liability statements.

Buy to let mortgages

We offer a competitive range of products to meet the needs of a variety of your buy to let clients. And our mission is to find just the right buy to let solution for your complex clients.

  • Non-portfolio and portfolio landlords
  • Limited companies
  • Those financing HMOs and MUBs
  • Individuals with more complex needs

Residential mortgages

Our residential mortgages are the solution for your clients who just miss out on the mainstream lenders.

  • For those who don’t meet high street credit scores – such as those not on the voters roll or have frequent credit searches against their name 
  • For clients with minor credit blips
  • Options for FTBs and interest only 

Current service levels

Updated 24.02.20
Buy to let
Decision in principle referral time:
1 day
1 day
Full mortgage application review time:
1 day
1 day
Time to review uploaded documents:
3 days
3 days
Average time to answer broker desk calls:
21 secs
21 secs

Our news

Updates to our buy to let range

We've made some changes to our buy to let range designed to make our products accessible to more brokers.

Our news

New residential mortgage criteria and rates

Minor credit blips may push certain borrowers outside the ‘norms’ of the mainstream lenders, but we believe they are still very much credit-worthy, so we have the overall product offering, criteria and service to ensure they get the mortgages they deserve.


Don’t let your clients' CCJs hamper their mortgage dreams

A blemish on a potential borrower’s credit report doesn’t necessarily mean that their home ownership aspirations have to go on hold.