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We have made some changes across our residential range – for your clients who just miss out on mainstream lenders.

Buy to let mortgages

We offer a range of specialist buy to let products for different clients.

  • Portfolio landlords
  • Limited companies
  • Those financing HMOs, multi unit blocks and short term lets
  • Individuals with more complex needs
  • Rates from 2.79%

Residential mortgages

We cater for your clients who need a residential mortgage, but who might have failed a high street credit check for the following reasons:

  • No clean address history because they're not on the voters roll, or they move a lot
  • Frequent credit searches against them
  • Are close to the limit on their credit card
  • They are associated with someone with a poor credit score
  • Rates from 2.24%

Current service levels

Updated 20.01.19
Buy to let
Decision in principle referral time:
1 day
1 day
Full mortgage application review time:
1 day
1 day
Documentation for offer review time:
2 days
2 days