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New Large Loans product for buy to let clients 

We have introduced a product for your buy to let clients looking for mortgages from £750k to £1.5m.


Buy to let mortgages

We offer a range of specialist buy to let products for different clients.

  • Portfolio landlords
  • Limited companies
  • Those financing HMOs and MUBs
  • Individuals with more complex needs

Residential mortgages

We provide a range of residential mortgage products, designed for clients with unique requirements.

  • Those with historical blips on their credit rating
  • For those who don't meet high street credit scores
  • Options for first time buyers
  • Options for those seeking interest only solutions

Current service levels

Updated 21.07.18
Buy to let
Decision in principle referral time:
1 day
1 day
Full mortgage application review time:
4 days
4 days
Documentation for offer review time:
6 days
6 days