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Welcome to Foundation Home Loans. We are a specialist buy to let and residential mortgage lender, providing flexible solutions for your more complex cases.

Get more for your extra-ordinary residential clients

100% of more types of income considered.

Specialist residential, sorted.

Current service levels

Updated 17.01.2022




Time to answer:


1 minute 46 seconds


Average time to answer broker desk calls.

DIP referral:


Buy to let - 1 day

Residential - 1 day


Decision in principle referral time.

Application review:


Buy to let - 2 days

Residential - 2 days


Maximum time to review a full mortgage application.

Underwriter review:  


Buy to let - 3 days

Residential - 2 days


Maximum time for underwriter to review once all requirements (including valuation) are met. 

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