Buy to Let products

We have a range of competitive Buy to Let products designed for your landlord clients, from first time landlords through to experienced landlords with large portfolios.

Our range includes products for Individuals, Limited Companies and those mortgaging an HMO or Multi Unit Let.

For your portfolio clients, we have a pragmatic approach to assessing portfolios. Our new portfolio proposition is available to view now.

You can see a brief overview of our portfolio changes below and more information here.





  • 2 Year Fixed Rates
    Higher of 145% of pay rate or 5.5% of notional rate
    Higher of 125% of pay rate or 5.5% of notional rate
  • 5 Year Fixed Rates
    145% of pay rate
    125% of pay rate


Portfolio Assessments

Where a client has 4 or more mortgaged buy to let properties (or is buying their 4th property), we will assess the background portfolio as follows.

     1. The maximum aggregate portfolio LTV is 75%; this is calculated across the whole portfolio including unencumbered properties

     2. The aggregate portfolio rental cover ratio must be at least 125%, stressed at 5.5%

There is no limit to the existing size of the portfolio and we do not ask for business plans or asset & liability statements.

Note that we will continue to apply our usual rental coverage calculations for any property(s) being mortgaged with Foundation Home Loans.

View our full portfolio criteria.

Current service levels

Referred DIP time:
1 day
FMA review time:
2 days
Post review time:
4 days
Updated 17/01/18
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