NEW Green mortgages


Our new green reward remortgage is available to portfolio and non-portfolio landlords, for their properties with an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of ‘C’ and above.


This innovative product has been designed to reward those landlords who have made environmentally-friendly choices with their properties by reducing their carbon footprint.


The green reward remortgage delivers a very competitive rate, with a reduced product fee and a generous cashback.

Key criteria

Who for?

  • Landlords whose property has an EPC dated within the last 12 months with a rating of ‘C’ or above
  • Portfolio and non-portfolio landlords
  • Landlords with a near-mainstream credit score
  • Landlords looking for an early remortgage - if work has been done they can re mortgage immediately rather than waiting for 6 months

How much?

  • F1 5 year fixed 75% LTV
  • 3.75% initial rate
  • Generous ICRs of 125% for limited companies and basic rate tax payers, and 145% for other borrower types
  • Other product details are as per our core range

What are the benefits?

  • £750 cashback upon completion
  • Significantly reduced product fee of just 0.75%

“According to the IMLA report 2020, 58% of intermediaries expect consumer demand for green mortgages to grow in the future."

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