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How to... Populate a portfolio template

18 Aug 2022

This is a summary of how to complete a portfolio template right first time, showing the different property types and ownership types of the properties in an example portfolio, demonstrating the mandatory fields and how they are formatted.

You can watch the whole 23 minutes for the full detail, or jump to these time stamps to see the scenario that matches yours.

00.00 How to find the portfolio template

07.54 How to enter an individual buy to let - house and flat examples

13.51 How to enter an individual buy to let - joint borrowers - flat above a shop

16.12 How to enter a limited company buy to let

17.03 How to enter multiple flats/MUB

20.54 How to enter an HMO



All clients and properties are entirely fabricated and in no way related to any real client.

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