• How long is a Decision in Principle valid for?
  • What are your exposure limits on buy to let cases?
  • Can the Arrangement Fee be added to the loan?
  • How do I register with you?
  • How can I access your products?
  • Do you lend to limited companies?
  • Do you lend to Expats?
  • What are your income requirements for buy to let?
  • How can I discuss a case with you?
  • If I change network or mortgage club, do I need to re-register?
  • If my firm changes FCA number do I need to re-register?
  • If I change FCA details or switching networks, what happens to my pending cases?
  • I filled in the registration details but can't submit the form, it says it's locked?
  • Can I register admins?
  • How do packagers register to Foundation? Packagers do not appear on the registration form as a submission route
  • Can I submit a case without a login or being registered?
  • If I'm only doing unregulated business (BTL), do I still need to be authroised by the FCA in order to register?
  • I have not received my login details
  • What is the due diligence form?
  • Do all brokers for the same firm have to complete due diligence forms?
  • What if we do not have access to the DD information required?
  • I changed my address / my firm changed their address - who do we need to tell?
  • What is the ICO and why do we need to be registered?
  • Does Foundation pay our proc fee directly?
  • I have not received my proc fee - what do I do?
  • If I leave a firm, what happens to my pending cases?
  • I cannot access my account it says it's disabled?
  • My account is locked - can I unlock it?
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