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We are here to help with your more extra-ordinary residential cases. These are the cases that are a little bit out of the ordinary, where your client might not be able to go to the high street. Your client's circumstances might be similar to one of the examples below - have a look to see the types of clients that we can help you get a mortgage for.

What if my clients...?

Maximise income

Find out how we can help your clients like Trevor and Pam

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Self-employed directors with retained profits

Richard and Julie's story

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Unusual sources of income

Simon uses investment income to realise a life-long dream

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Low credit score

Even with a low score, buyers like Sean can access the property ladder

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Multiple income sources

How we help clients like Tom and Andy utilise more of their income types

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Credit blips

Nikki's credit history may not meet mainstream criteria but we can help

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Recently self-employed

How our bespoke approach to each case can help your self-employed customers

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Rajesh, Deepa, and son Rakesh, are looking to buy together after one has returned to work from furlough

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Borrowing into retirement using SIPP

Find out how we help borrowers like Colin and Anne

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Professional mixed incomes and high LTV

Find out how we can help your clients like Charlie the Dentist

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