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9 ways we can solve your limited company cases

20 Aug 2020

As experts, we can find you a solution for a broader range of landlord situations.

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Here are nine reasons to contact us about your limited company BTL case.

1. For limited companies we ask for an ICRs of just 125%, assessed on pay rate for 5 year fixes or a national 5.5.% rate for shorter term deals, resulting in a generous loan amount.

2. Unlike some other lenders, our low ICR includes specialist property types. We don’t hike our rental cover margin if the property is out of the ordinary. View the limited company rate guide including MUBs, HMOs and short term lets here.

3. We are good at dealing with complex company structures. If you’d think your directorship or shareholder set up is complicated, please do give us a call.

4. We consider up to four directors and…

5. We don't credit search the applicants with a less than 20% shareholding.

6. There’s no age limit for directors.

7. Newly incorporated limited companies are also fine by us. We can even convert an individual buy to let mortgage application into a limited company one at any point before offer if you’re waiting for incorporation to come through.

8. We allow intercompany loans to Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) as the deposit, which opens the doors for Directors of trading companies wishing to branch out into property investment.

9. We consider expats for limited company applications, giving you a solution for those clients living abroad who still want to invest in property here.

Have a specialist case to place? Get in touch with your RAM today to discuss.