Keeping things simple:

  • We do not ask for business plans or asset and liability statements.
  • We believe the simplest solution is to just look at the existing portfolio’s leverage, loan-to-value (LTV) and coverage.
  • All we require is a spreadsheet, showing details of the portfolio. We use this, along with automated valuation models (AVMs) and other background checks, to focus more on the concentration of the portfolio, undertake stress tests at 125% at 5.5% and ensure that the aggregate portfolio LTV is 75% or less.


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Making life easier for portfolio landlords with...

No business plans or asset and liability statements needed
Up to 80% LTV
No minimum income
Quick processing times
No minimum term of employment
Limited Cos accepted on all products
HMOs up to 8 bedrooms
Loan up to £1m
Competitive rates
Unlimited properties (max £3m Foundation)
Limited companies ICR 125%
Individual ICR 145%
Portfolio Landlord Info
  • Portfolio Summary
    At DIP stage we will require a summary of the portfolio, including: Total number of properties in the same postcode; Value of the properties; Loan amounts for the properties; Rental income for each property; Details for new loan
  • Portfolio Schedule
    At FMA stage we will require details for all the properties in the portfolio. There is no need to submit business plans and liability details.