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Key Points

Assessment period

Assessment is valid for 6 months making additional applications easier

No limits

No limit to portfolio size, subject to maximum borrowing of £3m with us

No business plans

No business plans needed

Flexible Criteria

All our products are available to portfolio landlords, with flexible criteria

No Statements

No asset liability statements needed

Bespoke stress test

Custom tests for the background portfolio

Simple forms

Simple forms and process times are the same as any non-portfolio cases

Specialist property

HMOs, MUBs and short term lets

What we require from brokers to submit a portfolio case:


Our definition of a portfolio landlord is someone with four or more mortgaged properties.

We believe the simplest solution is to just look at the existing portfolio’s leverage, loan to value (LTV) and coverage.

All we require is a spreadsheet, showing details of the portfolio. We use this, along with automated valuation models (AVMs) and other background checks, to focus more on the concentration of the portfolio, undertake bespoke stress tests and ensure that the aggregate portfolio is 75% or less.

At DIP stage we will require a summary of the portfolio, including:

  • Total number of properties in the same postcode
  • Value of the properties
  • Loan amounts for the properties
  • Rental income for each property
  • Details for new loan

At FMA stage we will require details for all the properties in the portfolio. There is no need to submit business plans and liability details.

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