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Our residential range

Not every case is straightforward, or ordinary.

Some clients have circumstances that are a bit more, well, extraordinary.

That is where we can help. Whether it is a client who has recently changed jobs, is self-employed, has income from unusual sources, or some blips on their credit record, we can help.

There is a wide choice of products and flexible criteria to suit a range of extraordinary circumstances.

If your case is extraordinary, then speak to one of our knowledgeable regional account managers. You can find your local contact here or request a call back.

Who we cater for

  • The more recently self-employed
  • Employed clients including those with high commission and/or bonus
  • Clients with multiple or unusual income sources
  • Clients with blips on their credit rating and other credit score declines

Key criteria

  • Self-employed –latest 1 year’s accounts accepted; retained profits considered
  • Interest only affordability calculated on an interest only basis
  • Employed – no min term in current job (min 3 months employed).
  • Max age 75 at end of term
  • Up to 80% LTV
  • Capital raising for buy to let accepted
  • Max term 40 years

Income considered

  • Up to 100% of bonus and/or commission accepted
  • 100% Retirement income
  • 100% Investment income
  • 100% Trust income
  • 50% benefits
  • 100% net rental income

Useful guides and contact information

Residential product guide

Residential criteria guide

Acceptable income for extra-ordinary clients

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