Document Library

Everything you need to know about our products and criteria. Plus, save time on getting your cases through by using the templated letters and forms.

Document type

Direct Debit Mandate Form

Instruction to your bank to pay by Direct Debit.

Shareholder Consent and Declaration Form

The shareholder consent and declaration form needs to be completed if the shareholder owns more than 20%.

Portfolio Details

To fill in with your portfolio landlord client’s existing properties.

Buy to Let Individual Data Capture Form

To fill in with your individual clients, as part of the Buy to Let mortgage application

Limited Company Data Capture Form

To fill in with your limited company clients, this forms the basis of the mortgage application

Accountant Certification

This document can be used to validate income.

Accountants Certification Letter

This document can be used to accompany the Accountant Certification document.

Residential Data Capture Form

To fill out with your residential clients, this document forms the basis of the mortgage application

Consumer Buy to Let

We do not accept Consumer Buy to Let applications. This document outlines our approach to consumer buy to let mortgages.

Limited Company Expatriate Buy To Let Applications

We only accept limited company expatriate buy to let applications. This document provides more details on how we treat expatriate applications.

Solicitors Details

This document provides information on which solicitors are acceptable to us.

Buy to Let Deposits Guide

Guide to buy to let deposits.

Limited Company Funding Declaration

This document is required for all limited company purchase applications to confirm the source of the deposit.

Ltd Company Funding Declaration How To

How to fill out our limited company funding declaration document.

Gifted Deposit Declaration

If your client has been gifted a deposit, the donor is required to complete this document.

Leasehold Freehold Criteria

A guide to the situations under which we are prepared to lend on a leasehold security property.

Proof of Identity and Residency

A list of documents that can be used to prove identity or residency.

Residential Document Submission Guide

Information about the documents we require you to submit for residential cases.