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How to check the EPC of your client's property... and a bonus reason why you should!

12 Oct 2021

Anyone can check the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) of a property on the government's EPC register below.

Epc Rating Img Artc by searching the postcode or certificate number.

We require that all properties have an energy efficiency rating of at least A-E for

  • any of our buy to let mortgage products, on a purchase or a remortgage basis or
  • any Green mortgages for owner-occupiers (residential) or any Green buy to let mortgage

For non-green product owner-occupied (residential) mortgage applications, we don't currently require evidence of the EPC. We also don’t require an EPC for listed properties as they are exempt.

Although our underwriters will check the online register for the EPC certificate as evidence for mortgage applications, you should also have verified in advance that it is on there for us to find. You can search the government EPC register here. If an EPC for that property is not on the register, or if the EPC has expired, you will need to supply one before the mortgage can be offered. In exceptional circumstances, such as some types of purchase, we can make it a condition of the mortgage offer that a new one is obtained. Until evidence of the property’s EPC is received, the mortgage will not be able to complete.

Another great reason to check your client's EPC before you apply...

Another great reason to check the property EPC certificate online is that you may discover that your client is eligible for our Green mortgage.

If the property your client is mortgaging has an EPC rating of A, B or C, they may be eligible to apply for one of our Green mortgages for residential [see the latest rates here] or a Green buy to let mortgage [see the latest rates here] which are designed to reward landlords or homeowners/buyers of energy efficient properties, with an incentive such as beneficial rates or cashback, depending on the level of energy efficiency, and which product you choose.

Our buy to let Green mortgages also allow ‘day 1’ remortgaging, so if you have a landlord client with a property with an EPC of A-C, they don't need to wait 6 months before remortgaging to us.

We are passionate about supporting you and your mortgage clients in growing your businesses sustainably. If you think we might be able to help you with a case, please request a call back today.