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Cast Your Vote Now: L&G Awards Nominations

16 Feb 2024

Calling all mortgage intermediaries! The countdown is on for the prestigious L&G Awards, and we need your support to clinch victory in not just one, but multiple categories!

Nominated L&G Awards

We're thrilled to announce our entries in this year's L&G Awards, and we would love you to vote for us under the following categories:

  • Best BTL Lender
  • Best Specialist Lender
  • Best Lender for Outstanding Service

But here's the catch, time is of the essence. The window for voting is short, with surveys closing promptly at 5.00pm on Friday 1st March.


Your support means the world to us.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to have your voice heard and make a difference. Cast your vote now and help us secure victory in the L&G Awards!

Here are the important details:

Individual Votes: Lenders and brokers, you have the power to make a difference! Each of you can cast your vote as an individual, not as a firm. That means every employee in a lender or broker firm can vote separately.

Voting Eligibility: Remember, only lenders can vote for brokers, and vice versa. Votes from any other individuals or firms (such as friends, family, customers, surveyors, introducers, or protection providers) will not be considered