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BDRC Landlord Survey by Regions

22 Mar 2023

Our research with BDRC showed us the outlook of Landlords in each region. Find out what's happening in your region below. 

Landlord Data Image

The incidence of voids reported by landlords fell to a historic low with only one in four landlords reporting a property without tenants in the preceding three months. The typical void period also fell by an average of 12 days to 70, suggesting it was easier for landlords to fill properties than at any point in the last six years. Larger landlords were said to experience shorter than average voids (44 days for those with 11+ properties)


Overall UK

Central London

Outer London

East of England

North West England

North East England

South West England

South East England 


East Midlands

West Midlands

Yorkshire and The Humber 


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