Unusual sources of income

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The borrowers

Simon is 58 and has two adult children. He has multiple and unusual income sources: As well as being a senior executive at a bank, he is the sole earner and nearing retirement, for which he is considering non-exec roles. He earns £200k employed plus £300k share portfolio and some BTL income.  

  • Simon has a part and part mortgage with BTL portfolio as the repayment vehicle.  
  • His goal is to extend the mortgage into retirement at age 75 and is moving into a £2m river-side property 
  • Simon wants to borrow £1m for the purchase over 15 years on a part and part basis with £500k interest only to be repaid from his BTL portfolio 

How we can help

Because we accept a wide range of income type from multiple and what can be seen as unusual sources, in addition to lending into retirement, we are able to help customers like Simon, even if their property is a little out of the ordinary.  

We love to talk a case through, why not call your Foundation Regional Area Manager today?  

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