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Welcome to the home of specialist buy to let mortgages for both individual landlords and limited companies.

Specialist buy to let mortgages

Foundation Home Loans is the home of specialist buy to let mortgages, offering criteria to meet a wide range of specialist mortgage needs, available to portfolio landlords, individual landlords and those buying or remortgaging via Limited Companies. As well as our core products, the Foundation specialist buy to let mortgage range includes choices for your Expat landlords, those with specialist properties including HMOs, and those seeking Green mortgages.

Ready to start? Why not try our BTL max loan calculator to find out how much we can lend?

Buy to let solutions at a glance

  • Portfolio and non-portfolio landlords
  • Limited companies and individuals
  • Expats for individuals and limited companies
  • Specialist property types - HMOs, multi unit blocks and short term lets
  • Large loan products available

Solutions for portfolio landlords

  • Portfolio assessment valid for 6 months
  • No limit to the background portfolio size, subject to a maximum of £5m with us
  • No business plans or asset and liability statements needed

Solutions for limited company applicants

  • Newly incorporated limited companies acceptable
  • Complex company structures considered
  • No maximum age

We have generous ICRs for your specialist buy to let clients. You can see some examples of calculations below, or why not give our calculator a try for yourself below and work out how much your client can borrow?

Examples of BTL calculations

Example one

  • Basic Rate taxpayer ICR = 125%
  • Standard Property, £1,200 rent pm
  • 75% LTV 2 year discount rate at 3.94%
  • Assessment at notional 5.5%
  • Maximum loan of £209,454

Example two

  • Higher Rate taxpayer ICR = 145%
  • Standard property £1,200 rent pm
  • 75% LTV 5 year fixed rate at 5.49%
  • Assessment at 5.49%
  • Maximum loan of £180,893

Example three

  • Limited Company ICR = 125%
  • HMO (standard/small) £1,500 rent pm
  • 75% LTV 5 year fixed rate at 5.59%
  • Assessment at 5.59%
  • Maximum Loan of £257,602

These are example rates which may vary from rates available at the time. Please use the calculator for an accurate loan amount based on a true rate.

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