Mortgages for Expats

Expat mortgages

Discover our broad range of products including options for Green, Short Term Lets, HMOs, large HMOs and Multi Unit Blocks available to UK nationals living as Expats worldwide applying either as individuals or limited companies.

Key criteria

How much?

  • Up to 75% LTV
  • ICR calculated same as our core range: 125% for basic rate tax payers and Limited Companies, and 145% for others

Who for?

  • Individual landlords or Limited company
  • Available for retired Expats subject to proof of income in retirement
  • Accepting applications from over 60 countries, including EU/EEA/Switzerland subject to conditions* but cannot accept applicants resident in Australia
  • Where proof of income is required, we only require 1 year’s evidence

Product features

  • Fixed and discount rates
  • For purchase and remortgage
  • Reduced fee of 1.25% across the Expat range

Expat News: Making it easier to do more business with us

As well as opening up our Expat range to individual landlords, we have simplified or removed some underwriting requirements to improve efficiency, including:

  • We now only require evidence of 1 year’s income for Expats (note our portfolio criteria applies if the Expat applicant is a portfolio landlord)
  • We have removed automatic requirement that we speak to the borrower
  • We’ve broadened the range of ID/proof of residency that we’ll consider to now include residency cards, official UK government issued correspondence and credit and utility statements from UK firms.  

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Request a call back

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