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We are here to help with your more extra-ordinary residential cases. These are the cases that are a little bit out of the ordinary, where your client might not be able to go to the high street. Your client’s circumstances might be similar to one of the examples below – have a look to see the types of clients that we can help you get a mortgage for.

What if my clients...?

Recently self-employed

A recent change from PAYE to partner status.

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Multiple income sources

Both employed, but have some extra income through self-employed business.

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Self-employed directors with retained profits

Fluctuating and multiple sources of income.

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Unusual sources of income

Income derived from multiple sources including property.

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Credit blips

Minor credit blips and income from three employment sources.

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Maximise income

Looking to remortgage and capital raise a deposit for a buy to let property.

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Low credit score

First time buyer with a gifted deposit and a low credit score.

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An applicant who has been on furlough and two applicants taking mortgage into retirement.

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