Recently self-employed

The borrowers

Andrew and Mary are 53 & 51, and married with children at university for two more years. They have both recently changed from PAYE to partner status within the same role.  

  • They would like to take an interest only remortgage, with downsizing as the repayment vehicle 
  • They have a secure joint £200K income, but have both just moved to partner status 
  • It’s a large family home valued at £1.5M, on which they need an interest only mortgage of £750K. 

How we can help

Because we do not stipulate any minimum length of self-employment, we can consider applicants who have very recently become self-employed and help with this type of case. ‘Sale of property’ is an acceptable repayment method for us, and we also calculate affordability on an interest-only basis for interest-only loans which can give your borrowers better borrowing power on their income when the remaining term of their mortgage is short.  

We love to talk a case through, why not call your Foundation Regional Area Manager today?  

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