Professional mixed incomes and high LTV

The borrowers

Charlie is 50 and lives alone as a widower. He has worked as a dentist for 25 years on a self-employed basis and currently has no debts. He has no dependants. 

He is looking to buy a house, but has income from several different sources, many of which he has found high street lenders won’t consider.

  • Looking to borrow £460k on a property worth £550k (83%)
  • 24-year mortgage term taking him up to age 75
  • He receives a sole trader income as well as a net profit LTD company income
  • Also would like to use his UK Land & Property Income as shown on his latest SA302

How we can help

Because we can consider 100% of more types of income, we are able to use all of Charlie’s income as above in our calculations. In addition to this, where standard affordability might only get Charlie to £380k loan amount, we can lend up to 6 x income on our professional mortgage range, which would be £462k for this client. As his role profession does not involve manual labour, we can also consider mortgage terms up to age 75.

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