The borrowers

Rajesh and Deepa are 50 and 53 and married, living with their 30-year-old son Rakesh. They want to sell their existing property and buy a new home between the three of them to live together. They would like to take the mortgage term into their retirement making use of their retirement income, and up to when Deepa turns 75. Additionally, Rajesh was furloughed in 2020 but has since returned to work full time.

  • All are employed: Rajesh earns £42k as a manager. He was furloughed but returned and did not take a Mortgage Payment deferral. Deepa earns £10k as a Teaching assistant plus £4k in tax credits, while Rakesh earns £23k as a Key account manager
  • They want to borrow £180k against a 3-bed semi valued at £325k giving them a low LTV
  • The deposit will come from their house sale

How we can help

We are able to consider borrowers who have been furloughed but have now returned back to work.

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