Credit blips

The borrowers

Nikki is 49 and separated. She has multiple income sources and some minor credit blips including a satisfied CCJ from 25 months ago and a satisfied default from 18 months ago. 

  • From the sale of the marital home, she wants to use the equity to buy a small property for herself and her two children  
  • They’ll be downsizing and should end up with a clear £50k equity for a deposit on a £200-250k home 
  • She earns £28k from three employment sources and her 18-year old son earns £18k 

How we can help

Foundation is able to consider multiple income sources which could help clients like Nikki maximise their borrowing. There would also be the option of adding her son to the mortgage if she wanted. We offer mortgage products over multiple tiers to suit borrowers with a wide variety of credit histories so the historical satisfied CCJ and default can easily be accommodated.  

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