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Include any secured and unsecured loans to remain after completion, including any BTL mortgages. Exclude any loans that will expire in the next 3 months.

The customer's basic expenditure is all mandatory outgoings on a monthly basis such as, utilities, phone bill, council tax, food or clothes shopping, TV License and travel to and from work.

The customer's regular expenditure is all outgoings that the customer must make on a monthly basis eg insurance, medical, dental cover, car service costs, MOT costs etc that are neither a credit agreement nor basic expenditure.

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Please include all basic income, including second job.

Please include shift allowance and regional allowance.

Please include overtime, bonus and commission.

Please include basic salary and share of net profit.

Please include private/state pension, trust income and investment income (fixed income products only).

Include the total received from the property rental less any agency costs. Do not deduct the monthly loan repayment, as this should be included in the section 'monthly loan repayments to remain after completion'.

Please include maintenance and benefit income.