Foundation Updates

15 June 2021

We've refreshed our entire residential product range

We've refreshed our residential product offering, which will allow first-time buyers to access more of the range.

The changes mean First Time Buyers can now access up to 90% LTV on the F1 product, we've also extended the maximum LTVs across both our F2 and F3 ranges with a new maximum LTV of 85% for F2 and 80% for F3.

Changes have been made across all areas of the range, with some rates lowered by up to 70 basis points. Notable product price changes include:

  • F1 range – five-year fix at 90% LTV with no product fee, now priced at 4.99% at 90% LTV (from 5.19%).
  • F1 range – rate cuts across all five-year fixes with £995 fee, now stating at 3.24% at 65% LTV (down from 3.39%).
  • F1 range – the two-year discount product with no early repayment charges has been opened up to 85% LTV borrowers for the first time with a rate of 3.89%, as well as options at 65%, 75% and 80% LTV.
  • F1 range - there have also been cuts by up to 50 basis points on the Green Reward Remortgage products, which provide £750 cashback and a reduced product fee for those borrowers with properties at an EPC rating level of C and above. Rates on the two-year fix options now start at 3.19% at 75% LTV (down from 3.24%).
  • F2 range – for borrowers with client blips – pricing has been cut across its fixed rates and variable rates, including a cut of 70 basis points for its 80% LTV five-year fix which is now 3.89% from 4.59%.
  • F2 – new two- and five-year fee-assisted fixes have been launched with a fee of £595 with product options now up to 85% LTV for both. These are available for both purchase and remortgage borrowers and come with one free valuation and no application fee.
  • F3 range – new 80% LTV products at 4.29% fixed for 2 years and 4.49% fixed for 5 years.

 George Gee, our Commercial Director, said:

“Today we’re announcing a major refresh of our residential product range with price cuts across many existing products, the introduction of higher LTVs, specific new products across all our F1, F2 and F3 sectors, and a major move which will allow first time buyers access to almost every single residential product on offer.

“We anticipate there will be a growing number of potential first time buyers coming to market looking for specialist residential products and this is a range which now fully caters for that borrower demographic.

“A major focus for us this year is our specialist residential offering and we believe this refreshed range offers a considerable amount of competition for advisers and a wealth of product options for those borrowers who  have a range of specialist needs such as multiple or complex income streams, are self-employed, or who have historical credit issues.

“Our sales team is on hand to support advisers with these clients, and this highly competitive range should offer plenty of product solutions for their needs.”

Discover the full range here


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