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13 January 2021

The 2020 buy to let bounce back

The response to the ‘reopening’ of the housing market after the first lockdown in 2020, especially from a specialist lending perspective, was incredible.

It was ably supported by an adaptable and innovative lending community and the hard-work, expertise and commitment demonstrated by intermediaries, even in the most trying of times.

How the rental sector bounced back

Data collected by Hamptons shows how the rental sector bounced back; it showed that landlords made up 15% of all sales agreed in November 2020, the highest figure for four years. Investors were said to have bought around 134,000 homes in 2020, up from the 133,000 bought in 2019. The average price paid for a home by a landlord in November was £180,000, which is around £80,000 less than that paid by an owner-occupier.

In contrast to talk at the start of 2020 - which suggested that landlord purchases would fall significantly – this data demonstrates just how quickly things can change and the continued importance attached to the private rented sector, of course, largely down to the stamp duty tax changes.

We achieved record breaking new business levels

Like many specialist lenders, we received record-breaking levels of business throughout the late Summer and Autumn months of 2020. This meant bringing people back from furlough quickly, recruiting new staff and redeploying parts of the team to provide advisers and their clients with the best chance of completing before the stamp duty holiday deadline that was originally set for the end of March 2021, and with a view to managing increased levels of business in 2021.

We quickly doubled the rate of offers issued as a result of the recent changes made and continued hitting this target. There was an additional focus on offers during January 2021, with a major focus on releasing three times our normal level of funds throughout March, as well as planning for additional peaks in June and September 2021 in response to the revised SDLT holiday deadline announced in the Spring budget

At the same time as working on existing pipelines, lenders also have to ensure that they stay focused on new loan origination. Thankfully, an array of available remortgage offerings across the residential and BTL markets should help provide advisers with plenty of competitive product solutions to build a sustainable flow of business into Q2 and Q3 of 2021. 

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