Foundation Updates

09 November 2020

Support for the stamp duty deadline

First and foremost, we're still accepting new business as normal and continuing to make the underwriting process as efficient as possible for you and your clients.

We're also aware that the clock is ticking on completing new and existing business before the stamp duty deadline. So, we have taken steps to ensure we are expediting pipeline cases where possible.

Our in-house servicing offers total control when it comes to the allocation, or reallocation, of resources and the flexibility of our highly experienced team offers us the ability to focus our attention on servicing areas of high demand.

As such – in addition to their ‘normal’ broker support role - we have tasked our internal and regional BDMs with actively chasing the final requirements on all applications.

This extra BDM support will allow our underwriters to concentrate on reviewing the case with all requirements met, to bring it to offer.

We all know there are many obstacles along the current mortgage chain, and we of course are unable to guarantee that cases will complete before the end of March next year, but we will be doing all we can to move your applications forward as quickly as possible.

A reminder of our application process

We fully underwrite mortgage applications once all of the documentation is received with the aim of getting to offer as swiftly as possible. See our steps below:

  1. Place an application – Login to your broker portal to submit a full mortgage application by entering the most accurate information you have and pay the application fee and the valuation fee straight away.
  2. Initial assessment – We initially assess the application and set a list of specific document requirements, and confirm that we are able to instruct the valuation.
  3. Upload documents – Simply upload the individual documents against their specific requirement. If you would like to tell us anything else, please add a portal note.
  4. Underwriter review – When all case requirements have a document uploaded and have the valuation, your allocated underwriter reviews the case. If further information or clarification is required we will let you know.

If you need any support, please contact the sales team today.

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