Foundation Updates

12 November 2021

Residential remortgage to capital raise to 90% LTV? 8 ways you can help…

Even if your client has complex income, employment or debt which does not meet mainstream criteria, there are more ways you can help them now:

  1. We allow capital raising up to 90% LTV for any purpose including for a BTL deposit (except business purposes including repaying tax bills)
  2. Foundation does not limit the debt-to-income ratio, even on debt consolidation cases. Many other lenders decline applications from borrowers with a debt level over their annual income
  3. No cap on self-employed borrowers on debt consolidation loan-to-value
  4. No income multiple limit on pound-for-pound remortgages - just affordability calculator fit Try our affordability calculator here
  5. We will accept No-search indemnity insurance for remortgages – speeding up your process
  6. Why not check out our Fee Assisted products available with one free standard valuation and no application fee to 85% LTV
  7. Access our Green Reward remortgage with cashback for those who have improved their property’s EPC to C or above
  8. Get your answer in advance with our detailed affordability calculator backed up by manual underwriting and flexible criteria

Open the door for more of your remortgage clients with us. Try the affordability calculator and DIP today.

Try our calculator here


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