Foundation Updates

01 July 2020

NEW improved residential criteria

We've made a number of new changes to our residential criteria today.

These changes have been made to help you, help more of your clients who have slightly more extraordinary cases. 

Whether it is a client who has recently changed jobs, is self-employed, has income from unusual sources, or some blips on their credit record, we can help. 

Some of today's key criteria changes include:

  • Interest only affordability calculated on an interest only basis
  • Self-employed - latest 1 year's accounts accepted and retained profits considered
  • Broader amount of income types and higher percentage of incomes are now accepted, for example up to 100% bonus and commission, 100% investment income are now accepted
  • No minimum time in current job, minimum 3 months employed
  • Capital raising for buy to let is now allowed
  • Up to 80% LTV

But, it doesn't stop there. Visit our residential web page to see the full list of key criteria and to discover the types of client we can help. Or, get in touch with your knowledgeable local sales contact to discuss your case or request a call back here

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