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Are HMOs still a viable investment?

Rightmove reported a 1.9% increase in asking prices in June compared to March.

And we are hearing lots of positive stories from new enquiries to brokers and indeed, have seen a strong increase in new applications over recent weeks.

The reopening of the retail sector will come as a welcome relief to those landlords who have supported lower-earning tenants over the last few months. What is more, many landlords will now be considering how to maximise their portfolios and diversifying to reduce the risk of the changing economic environment.

The lending landscape may be changing but Houses of Multiple Occupancy could continue to be a viable choice for property investors. The reason is straightforward: rental yields.

These properties can house a large number of individual tenants rather than a single family occupying the property. This helps spread the risk, particularly if the tenants have different occupations. There has been talk about letting to students, but universities still seem to be making plans to be active and there will be plenty of students who will want to be part of (an albeit different) student life.

And Foundation can help. Generous ICRs: 125% for limited companies and basic rate tax payers; 145% for higher rate tax payers. A range of products. Up to 8 bedrooms. And large loans available.

It’s a challenging time, but with your help, these landlord clients can find the right solution and feel confident in their transactions.

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