Foundation Updates

22 June 2020

The new normal for BDM Gemma

My job is usually visiting brokers at their homes, offices, or if I’m lucky a beer garden.

However due to the Covid19 pandemic and the lockdown of offices and pubs etc it means I, like many people now, are working from home. Now that I’m not going to broker offices and visiting them, I am having Microsoft Teams video calls instead to help support my brokers, and be the friendly face of Foundation for the East of England. This is particularly good news for my dog who loves to sit by my feet during my calls!

During lockdown, it’s been really interesting to hear what brokers have been saying about investors looking to pull out as much money from their existing portfolios to be able to buy more properties, if house prices go down after COVID19. We have to responded to that by launching new products and lower IRCs for Limited Company BTL applications. A rental Calculation of 125 x payrate with our lower 5 year products means investors can now borrow even more than before!

Working from home and holding Microsoft Teams calls allows me to help more brokers on a day to day basis, without the stresses of daily commuting. My brokers seem to have embraced the new normal way of working and I’m sure it will be something that will continue in some shape or form once the lockdown is over.

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