Mark Whitear

Head of Sales

16 July 2020

Finding solutions for your clients after furlough

The residential lending landscape has changed immeasurably, particularly in the specialist sector.

From the specialist residential perspective, we certainly see a smaller playing field right now with broker choice reduced both in terms of the numbers of lenders operating in this space and the reduced offerings both in terms of criteria and loan to values.

We are working hard to provide solutions for the employed and self-employed clients affected by reduced trade and furlough. It would not be unreasonable to expect increased demand now from borrowers who now miss out on high street lender mortgages due to credit blips.

How can we help?

Here at Foundation we are very much open for all your residential enquiries and, as ever, take a very individual approach to how we assess each and every application we receive. Now, more than ever, it is important that you have access to lenders who take a holistic approach and truly understand every customer’s circumstance.

So whether your client has been furloughed or has had to take a Mortgage Payment Deferral, a government grant or a ‘bounce back loan’, we are happy to assess the viability of their income situation.

Our products are aimed at those ‘extra-ordinary’ residential borrowers who have less than straightforward requirements, including those with credit blips or defaults and CCJs, and those who may have been turned down by the more mainstream lenders.

Our enhanced residential range

We are now offering loans at 60%, 70%, 75% and 80% loan to value across our residential range with specific products for first time buyers at 80% LTV. We have both 2 and 5-year fixed rates available as well as 2-year discounted deals with no ERCs.

I would highly recommend that you contact one of our knowledgeable Regional Account Managers as your first port of call for any cases you feel fall into the slightly more specialist world or that have been turned down by the high street lenders. We are open for this type of business and keen to find solutions for your clients.

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