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11 January 2021

Do you do…? Mortgages for specialist properties

With so many specialist property types or properties with specialist uses, Gemma Lang, our Regional Account Manager for the East of England, tells us what specialist property mortgages we can help you with.


Yes we do accept a vast range of properties from Grade I and II listed buildings, to flats above commercial properties (up to 60% LTV subject to the floor it’s on), plus student lets and multi-unit blocks (MUBs) - up to 10 units. We are the mortgage experts in specialist property, and the best place to check any of these details is here in our criteria guide.

But, you told us that you appreciate an honest and open approach to what we can help you with.

So here are the main property types and clients I am asked frequently about but we cannot lend on:

  • Property with agricultural land/Barns etc.
  • Property with more than 10 acres of land.
  • Multiple houses on 1 freehold.
  • Flats where the commercial unit below is also owned by the applicant.
  • Properties that the applicant or their family lives in currently – Not acceptable unless there is an onward Residential purchase and they own a BTL already elsewhere.
  • Properties that the applicant or their family have lived in previously – Not acceptable unless they own a BTL already elsewhere.
  • Houses that aren’t currently an HMO but your client wants to purchase it then turn it into an HMO - Not acceptable, but they can bridge it for 3 months then remortgage it to us.

Hopefully this helps you decide to give Foundation a call. We love to discuss a case so please call your Regional Area Manager today. 

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