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Don’t lockdown your creativity

Generating ideas is an important step we can take to help us overcome current and future challenges.

In my eyes, creative thinking is simply about idea generation.

Things that usually stimulate creative thinking - such as human interaction, a change to the daily routine, or a change in scenery – are not feasible right now. So alternative solutions many be needed:

Embrace the boredom

The pace of life has changed for many and intensified for others. If you find yourself feeling bored, embrace it. Many of us have complained about being rushed off our feet in the past and having no time to think. Take the opportunity to let your mind wander and wait for those ideas to emerge naturally. 

Try something new 

Read a type of book you’ve never read before. Listen to an album you’ve never listened to before. Go for a run. Say hello to that neighbour you’ve never spoken to – from a socially acceptable distance of course. Any one of these might get your creative juices flowing, or at worst generate a new experience.

Ask for help

Tell others your personal and business challenges and don’t be afraid to ask for help. From a business perspective, people outside our industry see things differently and can be a source of wonderful ideas to help you along the way.

Embrace the change

People talk about some of the positives from the crisis – such as reduced pollution. Focus on the good things which have emerged as a result of this period. A positive mindset is a powerful weapon.  

Mind maps

Mind maps are perfect to help solve challenges. Write your starting point, your initial thought, the challenge, or idea in the centre of a blank page. Let your mind wander and simply write down any thoughts associated with this. This will then form branches and you can action, build on or discard your thoughts as you see fit.

We all need solutions, and solutions come from creative thinking. These are the concepts that are currently working for me. Take some time and have some fun in finding out what works best for you.

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