Foundation Updates

20 May 2021

Best Lender for Service L&G entry

At Foundation Home Loans we find solutions for financial needs...

And the service we provide is done with speed.

Our aim is to be transparent with you

And make the application process as quick and efficient too.


We consider the individual merits of your case

To ensure that this request has found the right place.

Once your application has been assessed

Our underwriters will always call to tell you what’s next.


Our broker portal is easy to use

And we know that from reading your reviews.

Once you have uploaded all of the docs

We will review the case to ensure there are no blocks.


The underwriter will then do their final checks

And will consider where they can apply any flex.

Then the offer will be made and documents sent

Which will confirm to all parties what can be lent.


The solicitors will do what they need to do

So, we can send the money through.

And your clients can then celebrate

Because as their adviser, you have been great


We will always want to receive your feedback

As this allows us to know we are on track.

Building trust with you is our desire

So please think of Foundation for your next buyer.


An award for our hard work would be great

And coming from L&G would add real weight.

But whatever you decide we will understand

As you have always supported our brand.

By Sandra Robson-Clark

Head of Lending

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