We have launched new Buy to Let First Time Landlord products

27 April 2018 Buy to Let, First Time Landlords

We have launched a new range of Buy to Let First Time Landlord products today, including 5 year fixed rates from 3.59% at 65% LTV and 2 year fixed rates from 3.19% at 65% LTV.

Early repayment charges for the Buy to Let First Time Landlord 2 year rates have been lowered to 3% and 2% with lower early repayment charges.

Jeff Knight, Marketing Director at Foundation Home Loans, said: “Deciding to become a landlord for the first time can be daunting, so in an industry increasingly focused on portfolio landlords it’s important not to forget those just starting out. Our approach aims to cater to all borrowers, whatever their portfolio size, but we are pleased to be able to offer First Time Landlords more options.”

Current service levels

Referred DIP time:
1 day
FMA review time:
4 days
Post review time:
5 days
Updated 22/05/18
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