The stamp duty land tax temporary reduced rates deadline of 31st March 2021 is approaching quickly. Please be reassured that we are doing everything possible to support our borrowers in completing their property transaction before the end of the stamp duty deadline, however we can offer no guarantee that mortgages will complete by 31st March 2021.

    Stamp duty land tax FAQs

  • What are the latest changes you have made to your application process?
  • What have you done to progress pipeline cases?
  • Do you still want new applications? Are you open for new business?
  • How can I have the best chance of getting an application through?
  • Do you think my clients’ mortgage application will complete on time?
  • Are you saying that cases submitted after now will not complete by 31st March 2021?
  • What shall I do if the client’s mortgage offer will expire before they want to complete?
  • Why do you need 10 days’ notice now to release funds after receipt of the Certificate of Title?
  • What if there is another lockdown?
  • What’s Foundation’s underwriting process?
  • Does your service differ between BTL & Resi?
  • The phone wait is long, when is a better time to call?
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