Stamp duty deadline 2021

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New business changes at Foundation, to support your business


  • First and foremost, we are still accepting new business as normal and continuing to make the underwriting process as efficient as possible for you and your clients.
  • We are also aware that the clock is ticking on completing new and existing business before this year’s Stamp Duty deadlines so we have taken steps to ensure we are expediting pipeline cases where possible.
  • Our in-house servicing offers total control when it comes to the allocation, or reallocation, of resources and the flexibility of our highly experienced team offers us the ability to focus our attention on servicing areas of high demand.
  • In addition to their ‘normal’ broker support role - we have tasked our internal and regional BDMs with actively chasing the final requirements on all applications.
  • This extra BDM support will allow our underwriters to concentrate on reviewing the case with all requirements met, to bring it to offer.

Stamp duty FAQs

You may have questions about getting your application through on time for a particular Stamp Duty deadline in 2021, so you can now find all the answers on one page. 

   Get in touch

This is an extremely busy time and we’re working incredibly hard to answer your calls. We appreciate your patience and we’ve included some tips below on how to get the answers you need:

  • You can log in to the broker portal to see the latest updates on your case, and the status of any requirements.
  • Check the requirements, and if anything is still outstanding, prioritise getting these uploaded for our underwriters to review.
  • Check our latest service levels on the homepage of our broker website - you will see how long it will take for your case to be reviewed once all requirements have been received.
  • If you need to call us, avoiding calling between 12 and 3pm when we tend to be busier, this may shorten your wait time.
  • To help speed up your call, please make sure that you have your case reference number, and details of the application to complete our data protection questions. Remember to check your latest case updates on our broker portal.
  • Why not use our request a call back form below? And, someone from the team will give you a call.


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