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New remortgage product for your buy to let clients

We have introduced a remortgage only buy to let product, available to individuals and limited companies.

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We can now lend up to £1.5m on HMOs and Multi Unit Blocks

We are increasing the maximum loan size for HMOs and Multi Unit Blocks to £1.5m.

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How to think differently to solve those elusive problems

When stuck for an idea on how to solve a particular problem, people often go down the route of a brainstorming session. Now there is certainly nothing wrong with this, however, from my experience most people don’t tend to get the most out of what is a useful exercise. 

So here are 9 tips on how to use brainstorming sessions to problem solve with success.

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Portfolio landlords are more likely to be looking further from home

The research – undertaken by BVA BDRC  carried out in March 2019 with the results based on 829 online interviews – shows that 77% of all landlords said either all, or more than half, of their rental properties were within a 50-mile radius of where they live, with a further 4% saying about half of their properties were within this locale.