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Reduced buy to let rates and new products

We have launched two new five year buy to let fixed rate products and cut a series of rates across other products in their range.


Limited company remortgaging boosting your buy to let business

Here at Foundation Home Loans we’ve certainly seen a shift towards greater landlord demand for limited company business and our aim is to offer a competitive product offering, clear criteria and a smooth service for the growing number of landlords who are looking to remortgage in the current buy to let marketplace.


What do landlords think will encourage more buy to let?

It’s no surprise that the two biggest impacts on landlords over the past five years – stamp duty increases and cuts to mortgage interest tax relief – are still being viewed as the biggest factors holding back the buy-to-let market.

Industry views

The 'not so accidental' demand for buy-to-let

If you asked a cross-section of people how they got into the mortgage industry, I’m sure that the vast majority would say it was by accident.