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We can now lend up to £1.5m on HMOs and Multi Unit Blocks

We have introduced yet another new product. Read more for details...

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How to think differently to solve those elusive problems

When stuck for an idea on how to solve a particular problem, people often go down the route of a brainstorming session. Now there is certainly nothing wrong with this, however, from my experience most people don’t tend to get the most out of what is a useful exercise.

So here are 9 tips on how to use brainstorming sessions to problem solve with success.

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Portfolio landlords are more likely to be looking further from home

Our research suggests the vast majority of landlords’ property portfolios are overwhelmingly likely to be within a 50-mile radius of where they live.

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How to maximise word of mouth Marketing

‘Talk is cheap’, goes the old saying, but when it comes to helping spread the work of your advice services then talk can help you secure a significant amount of business and help broaden your reach into areas which you might have thought were beyond you.